The Train Journey

journey_station.jpgMost of our passengers begin their journey at either Gilfach Ddu station, in Padarn Country Park or at Llanberis Station, now that the line has been extended. As it’s been our traditional terminus, we’ll start the journey at Gilfach Ddu.

If you arrive by car, you will find plenty of parking in the pay and display car park operated by Gwynedd Council. This serves the railway, the slate museum and several other attractions in Padarn Country Park. Before you make your way to the station, take a moment to think if you were here 200 years ago, you would be standing in the middle of the lake, as the whole of the car park and the area known as Gilfach Ddu is reclaimed land as a result of the quarry tipping slate waste into the only available space at the time, the lake. Would that be allowed today?

Tickets for the train ride are sold in the Station Building, as is a range of gifts,books, souvenirs and refreshments.

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